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Serving Los Angeles County & Ventura County, CA

A premier Los Angeles County and Ventura County, CA escrow company, Capital Escrow is a smaller boutique firm with an emphasis on efficiency, client satisfaction and affordability.

Capital Escrow was established nearly a decade ago, founded by an industry mogul who had emerged from retirement to create the firm. The founder had owned and operated the nation’s largest title company for over 20 years, so from the very beginning, Capital Escrow was founded on a platform of excellence and experience.

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What is Escrow?

The term “escrow” refers to a process whereby an objective, third party oversees a sale or the transfer of a deed, title, bond or other document or asset.

The escrow officer safely secures the funds, title and other documents, which are then disbursed when the terms and conditions of the transaction are fulfilled by the involved parties.

Escrow provides you with a safe, secure option for the sale of your property or any other big ticket transaction. When you turn to Capital Escrow — a leading Ventura County escrow firm — you can rest easy knowing that your transaction will progress in a smooth, secure manner.

If you’re seeking one of the best escrow firms in Ventura County, California, turn to Capital Escrow by calling 818.346.3003.

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